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Tested and code-compliant, configurable roof penetration solutions

Custom and off-the-shelf solution for single, secure pathways to the roof for pipes, conduit, telecommunication, cables, fiber optics, ductwork and more.

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  • Insured 20-year performance warranty
  • Secure, single pathway limits total penetrations and allows for future needs without new penetrations
  • Easy-to-install exit seal technology ensures watertight penetrations (learn more about Vault Exit Seals)
  • Third party tested for wind (ICC-500, FEMA 320/361), insulation requirements (IECC-2015), and code-compliance
  • Complies with ICC-2015 air permeance standard
  • Custom configurable  solutions available

Learn More About the Vault

Cyclone Vault®

  • Insured 20-year warranty
  • Complies with tornado wind and safe room standards (ICC-500 2014, FEMA P-361)
  • Uses same secure, single pathway as the basic Vault
  • Custom configurable solutions available

Learn More about the Cyclone Vault

Product line includes plumbing, HVAC, and electrical products (Learn more about Cyclone Vault options).

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